Turnkey Solutions for Multifamily Building Owners
Closing the Digital Divide

What is myUrbanSKY?

myUrbanSKY is the property management platform that delivers value-added amenities and support capabilities that enable building owners to increase their net operating income without breaking a sweat.

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Find New Money in Your Old Buildings with Smart Building Solutions

Let myUrbanSKY supply the tools. So you can focus on business. And do some real good for your community.

Communications Technology Retrofit for Your Building
Upgrade to the latest fiber-ready standards in less than 30 days. This is a turnkey installation--from the master control center to rooftop satellite telecom to individual units wired for data, TV and phone. You also get FREE 10MB high-speed Internet to use now and make your building “smart” later.
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Amenities Packages that Cost Tenants 30% Less
Save your tenants 30% or more via myUrbanSKY's wholesale packages for voice, video, and data. DIRECTV
® 150-digital channels, movies and local TV. FREE 10MB Internet. Nationwide phone plan. And more. Simple all-inclusive pricing with no hidden charges or 'specials' that mask effective rates. No contracts. Pick what works for your tenants. Use our third-party billing so that you can offer amenities à la carte or included with rent.
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Smart Building Connectivity that Saves You Time, Money and Worry
You decide when the time is right to step up to our advanced features that enhance your property value and reduce total cost of operations. Like exterior envelope and entry security management with HD IP cameras, a Video/Audio Intercom network, and keyless entry system.  And a Web Portal that gives you unified visibility to data from building equipment, environmental sensors, security and safety systems. 
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Arrangements that Give You the Advantage
Get started with no cash outlay with the power of myUrbanSKY resources. A myUrbanSKY Partner with 100 enrolled units can generate new revenue streams of $20,000 per year. And our on-site marketing program promotes myUrbanSKY amenities to your tenants and provides the support you need to reach 100% enrollment.
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