Envision the Opportunities

Become a myUrbanSKY Partner and you can:

  • Create new revenue streams with tenant amenities
  • Access group discounts on building services
  • Get tools to increase long-term property value

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We're building the company that we'd want to do business with.

Our customers are our Partners

Building Owners fund our daily operations by enrolling their tenants for myUrbanSKY amenities. That's why we call them myUrbanSKY Partners.  We answer to themnot to equity investors, the stock market, or a board of directors.

What we do should improve your bottom line

That's the point, right?  So we make it easy as possible. We've negotiated a deal that finances the communications technology retrofit in exchange for exclusive access with DIRECTV® for minimum nine years. The economics are solid. And we've included at no extra cost a leading third party billing system that allows our myUrbanSKY Partner to bundle tenant amenities with rentor notwhichever preferred.  

The basics are beautiful

We won't overlook what really matters. The basics. Great service, ease of use, honest pricing, and respect for myUrbanSKY Partners' time, needs, and trust.  And the not-so-basics, too.  Like good installations, least havoc possible, prompt service attention, and proactive support.   

Technology should be useful, not complex

We work through the geeky parts so that myUrbanSKY Partners can concentrate on keeping their buildings running smoothly. Our digital backbone is designed for simplicity, durability, and aesthetics. Our standard installation runs 28-days from deal signing to 'go live'. And when you add our advanced 'smart building' features, we'll work with you to configure the solution to your needs. Training? Check. Technical support? Double check. 

Partners are meant to help each other

We join our myUrbanSKY Partners on-site for tenant sign-on events. Helping you sell the value. And when it comes to handling tenant questions and technical support, our Customer Care team of experts are available online and by phone so that your tenants can reach them in a jiffy.

Everyone likes great telcom deals, but what we offer can make you 'smarter'

It's true that we negotiated some incredible deals with leading digital entertainment, broadband, and telecom providers—including DIRECTV®—and that we deliver technology, project management, and marketing resources necessary to convert over to digital amenities quickly, cost effectively, and with minimum risk and maximum benefit.

But that's just the beginning. Our 'smart' amenitiies make life better. For you and your tenants. Like keyless access entry, digital videocom systems, and integrated security systems for the building and for each apartment. Volume-based discounts on comprehensive insurance and building services that every property owner can use. And Web access to unified visibility to your building's 'health'. More ways to achieve our objective of making a difference.  

Hidden wiring is good, hidden fees are not

We adapt our engineering to physical property conditions. But we believe that everyone is entitled to the same deal no matter how big or small their building or their neighborhood.  And the same goes for tenants.   

Great service is everything

We've labored for over two years to find strategic suppliers who deliver on their promisesand have worked out the kinks in real buildings, with real tenants, under some really tough conditions. And if we don't get something right the first time (our goal), we will pursue 'rightness' until everyone is happy.