Turnkey Solutions for Multifamily Building Owners

What is myUrbanSKY?

myUrbanSKY is the property management platform that delivers value-added amenities and support capabilities that enable building owners to increase their net operating income without breaking a sweat.

With a myUrbanSKY digital communications backbone in your multi-unit building, watch your top line and bottom line performance improve:

  • improve cash flow
  • generate new revenues
  • attract better tenants
  • increase your equity value
  • lower your net operating costs
For Building Owners

There's something good for everyone here. Right now.

myUrbanSKY is a big bold 'blue sky' idea.  Already we're delivering tangible value to landlords and tenantsand we're aiming for something even greater.

Building owners generate new revenue streams by offering tenants amenities that they want—which attracts more reliable and responsible renters.  Plus oodles of new ways to reduce building operating costs. 

Tenants get amenities that they can take to the bank.  Free 10MB Internet with premium DIRECTV® satellite TV entertainment at rates at least 30% less than direct subscription.

And as we grow, every cloud in our sky will have a silver lining.  We're mission-driven.  myUrbanSKY will contribute all corporate profits beyond retained capital requirements to our charitable foundation.

For Building Owners

Our own experience managing commercial real estate has inspired myUrbanSKY. First, we engineered solutions in our own buildings. And then started building the company we'd want to do business with. We hope you do, too.