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CHICAGO  is a non-profit, local news source for Chicago and its many neighborhoods. is the site with 'everything you need to know' about the local scene. is the 'go to' place for those who know the multifamily commerical real estate market.

The LISC/New Communities Program site, so full of news, ideas, and opportunities in the 'hood.

The Greater Austin Development Association (GADA), improving the quality of life in the largest and 'best' community in Chicago!


These non-profit organizations produce research, analysis, and insights that address our interest in making the Internet accessible, affordable, and beneficial to everyone in  America:

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Rambling with myUrbanSKY

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Chicago is myUrbanSKY

It seems fitting that as we move myUrbanSKY into full launch mode here in Chicago, that among today's local news is the dismal fact that budget constraints are likely to close more school libraries.  Which means that students who need these resources the most will have even less access to the tools of knowledge.  And less opportunity to learn computer skills and expand their understanding through age-appropriate access to the Internet. 

myUrbanSKY was founded with the vision of delivering benefits-driven value to residents of urban neighborhoods.  In particular, affordable broadband access for families who need to 'connect' with the world at large. The fact that we're doing this by helping apartment building owners upgrade their properties and offer FREE 10MB high-speed Internet to their tenants makes this new venture even more exciting. 

It is, we hope, just the start of something good for everyone.

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Silas Shadid, co-founder of myUrbanSKY

myUrbanSKY provides managed building services that enable multifamily property owners to create value for themselves—and their tenants.  We offer turnkey technology and services that improves net operating income for apartment and condo buildings of every size. With the myUrbanSKY digital communications backbone installed, landlords are able to offer their tenants exceptional value on digital consumer services, including DIRECTV® entertainment and 10MB broadband Internet.