The Needs Behind Our Mission

Neighborhood Improvement & Economic DevelopmentOne Building at a Time

myUrbanSKY founders, Silas and Arti Shadid, are themselves very hands-on landlords who manage several apartment buildings in ‘inner city’ Chicago neighborhoods.  Over the last few years, with expanded role of Internet technology in daily life, the Shadids saw many tenants falling behind the technology curve. For these tenants, like many families and retired adults in the United States, the cost of subscription access to home broadband services just doesn’t fit in their budget.  

Extending Ourselves, Helping People

If it were just an issue of “entertainment”, this wouldn’t be of great concern.  As more information is distributed primarily via the Internet, the lack of home broadband access is creating a 'poverty of access' that widens socio-economic gaps.

Not having home Internet makes it more difficult for adults to find job opportunities, secure skills training, get health information, use government services, and keep up with the news in the local community and around the world—and more difficult for children to become fluent in the language of technology.

There is progress, of course, through government and private funding. Yet public access to the Internet—at community centers, libraries, schools, and churches—satisfies only a slice of the need and with diminishing access due to recession-trimmed hours and resources.  So the Shadids decided to do something to close this “digital divide” by creating a solution that would benefit both landlords and their tenants.