Business Overview

myUrbanSKY provides managed building services that enable multifamily property owners to create value for themselves—and their tenants. 

We offer turnkey technology and services that improves net operating income for apartment and condo buildings of every size.

With the myUrbanSKY digital communications backbone installed, landlords are able to offer their tenants exceptional value on digital consumer services, including DIRECTV® entertainment and 10MB broadband Internet.

About Us

A Solution for MultiFamily Owners, Created by MultiFamily Property Owners

Our vision is to create “good for everyone” opportunities. myUrbanSKY was founded to deliver benefits-driven value to residents of urban neighborhoods, made possible by new infrastructure provided to landlords, the scale our network, and new amenities made available to tenants of myUrbanSKY buildings. In the process, we work to close the ‘digital divide’ for low-income families in America’s cities by providing their landlords the means to offer tenants what they need to overcome the 'poverty of access'.

Living Well And Doing Good

When we say "good for everyone", we mean it. 

Tenants in myUrbanSKY buildings can save 30%+ on TV entertainment subscriptions—with no expiring 'special deals' involved—compared to what they can get directly.  Plus FREE 10MB Internet service.

Building Owners get a communications technology backbone that opens the door to new revenues from tenant amenities and savings on other services—improving property value and net operating income.

myUrbanSKY will contribute profits beyond retained capital needs to charitable organizations dedicated to serving and improving urban communities across America.