Product & Service Benefits FAQs

What are the benefits of myUrbanSKY?

With a myUrbanSKY digital communications backbone in your multi-unit building, you'll be better able to improve your top line and bottom line performance.

  • improve cash flow
  • generate new revenues
  • attract better tenants
  • increase your equity value
  • lower your net operating costs


How substantial is the new revenue potential?

The upside potential is based on which bundles you select, as well as your property portfolio and management approach. myUrbanSKY provides a 'suggested retail price' (SRP) for the amenity bundles you offer your tenants. You may opt to charge more or less than this benchmark price; your particular building demographics should be factored into your decision.

The new revenue streams are incremental by 'enrolled unit'.  In other words, the more tenants that sign on, the more revenue you generate. 

For example, at our SRP price, with 50 enrolled units you will earn $10,000 per year. At 100 enrolled units, the revenue jumps to $20,000 on an annualized basis.