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Customer Relationship FAQs

What is a myUrbanSKY Partner?

"Partner" is our term for our commercial customer:  the multifamily property owner(s) or their designated property management company.

How do we become a myUrbanSKY Partner?

We'll take you through a process that includes looking at your multifamily buildings (figuratively and literally) to make sure that our digital backbone will work for your properties. If we jointly agree to proceed, we'll ask you to sign our Master Service Agreement that, among other things, gives us the Right of Entry (ROE) required for our on-site crews to install the fiber-ready communications wiring and equipment.  

How do we begin?

After a 'get to know you' conversation and a review of your property profile, if you're ready to proceed, we'll conduct a site visit to verify construction conditions.  The next step is to execute a master service agreement and get the onboarding process started. Installation scheduling and coordination will follow.

Does myUrbanSKY have a referral program?

We are developing a formal referral program, which we'll announce when it's ready to launch!

What if we're not ready to upgrade our properties but want to learn more?

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