Service Pricing FAQs

What's the myUrbanSKY pricing structure?

myUrbanSKY pricing structure is simple, straightforward and gives you significant control at every step. For each building, you choose the bundle configuration you want to offer. Start with our pre-configured bundles and construct the perfect deals for your tenants.  Stick with our 'suggested retail price' or pick your own level.  Add it to the monthly rent bill or invoice the amenities separately.  

Is the landlord a reseller?

No. As a myUrbanSKY partner, the property owner earns a fee for providing exclusive building access to our base communications provider, DIRECTV.  myUrbanSKY has negotiated deeply discounted rates with DIRECTV and other providers, as well. We provide a 'suggested retail price'  for the amenity bundles that you choose for your tenants. We take a small percentage of the 'door fee' for each enrolled unit and you, as property owner or manager, receive a greater share in perpetuity of the tenant's enrollment/lease term.

How much new revenue can I generate?

The new revenue streams are incremental by 'enrolled unit'.  In other words, the more tenants that sign on, the more revenue you generate.  For example, at our SRP price, with 50 enrolled units you will earn $10,000 per year. At 100 enrolled units, the revenue jumps to $20,000 on an annualized basis.

What will my tenants actually pay?

For the City of Chicago, our benchmark 'suggested retail prices' range from $79.95 per month at the low end to $143.86 per month for the premium package.  These are 'all in' prices that include activation, installation, equipment, and taxes.  Moreover, these are 'everyday best deal' prices that won't expire.  No hidden charges!  No unexpected price increases!

Pricing may vary from city to city (due to taxes, etc.).  And if you choose to add more service features to create a 'custom' package, that pricing will reflect everything included.

How much of a savings is there for my tenants?

Comparing apples to apples, a tenant signed on for our premium Good Day! Package will spend $63.52 less than they would with Comcast's Preferred Plus Package.  That adds up to more than $750 per year in savings!

As we've learned, it's not always easy to calculate the comparison.  Why?  Because the Comcast and other providers offer special short-term discounts that expire after one, two, six or twelve months. And they typically charge extra for activation, installation, and equipment rental. 

So, your tenants may not be aware of these variances--unless they're checking their bills closely every month.  That's why we're creating simple tools to help tenants calculate what they actually pay today.